TUTORIAL: Real-time chat with Django, Twisted and WebSockets – Prerequisites

If you came directly here, you can probably skip to Part 1.

I’m assuming a basic competency writing Python code, as well as access to a development environment, editor, and debug/test environment configured for work with Python (with possible extensions for working with Django).

If new at working with Python, you can do worse than using Eclipse’s pydev setup, though you’ll be fine working with any text editor.

This is not the place to learn about Django. Completing and understanding the Django tutorial is worthwhile, since I write code that’s very close to the code written there, in this tutorial. (If you’ve completed it before but are still shaky on Django architecture and terminology, it’s worth your rereading the tutorial, and re-completing the first 4 stages before continuing)

Twisted is a bit harder to get into. For the minimalist, read twisted in 60 seconds, and then take a look at relevant example 1 and example 2, and understand how they work.

Continue to Part 1.

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