thank me!

like or comment on a post if it’s useful, or interesting – encourage me to keep going!

in the unlikely case that you find my posts useful professionally and you want to compensate me, i accept gittip or paypal donations.

please remember that, if you share/link/copy/talk about anything you see here, i’d appreciate if you:

  • include a link to the source, or correctly attribute it, for direct quotations
  • take responsibility for the effects of any changes (including posting bits out of context, or mismatching content with its audience)
  • let me know in some way

Creative Commons Licence
technically, my work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Canada License.

1 thought on “thank me!

  1. thanks a lot for your blog real time chat with django twisted and websocket.But i have some doubt regarding that .If you don’t mind could you please help me.I am not able to understand how datas are coming and going out and how it can store in the database.

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